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Moonlight in Vermont

'54 Triumph

“Rain poured all day
Awakening the senses of the heart
In a new way
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat
eternal Om resonated through the house like a bigger pulse and force of depth of life
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat
Walking downstairs the smell of coffee and Nag Champa scented the air
The wine glasses remained as they were with the candles burned low
luring me back to the late eve and the day past
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat
Magical mystical memory
Of a drive in the countryside filled with crisp colors of orange, red, brown and green
Horses, cows, chickens and dogs
Pumpkins, apples, gourds and hay
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat
The speed of the wind
The sun’s golden rays
Gave the face a flush in the cheeks
Balsam trees unexpectedly scented the road
A covered bridge offered another sweet surprise
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat
The walk through the ferns revealed
Hemlock trees reflecting in the pond
Turkeys and ravens sounded out their call as dusk approached
And the gibbous moon rose in the star-filled sky
Pitter pat pitter pat pitter pat”

~ Stephanie Culen 10/5/2014

Heart Song

“Heart break
Heart ache
Heart opening
Heart longing
All sharing the same thing
The Heart.

Mermaid Longing
Feeling the feeling of feeling.
Time past and time future point to time present.
Drip drip drip
The sound of the faucet
Like a heartbeat
Thump thump thump
In the chest
The magical mystical Heart.”

Stephanie Culen .  9/29/2014

Dream State

Bianca Bike Basket

“Awake to the grey cloudless sky
I’m back in NYC
Like a dream, I have a memory
Of blue skies and fluffy clouds
Birds flying around the fishing boats on the city pier
Sunrise is the backdrop of the welcoming palm trees
Pink and orange, blue and white fill the landscape of wonder
The sweetness of the air full
Of jasmine
My heart aches to return to the sea
The beautiful sea
Where the dolphin play
And the seashells lay
I awake to the concrete gray
of the city”
Stephanie Culen . 9/28/2014


Cottage Pergola

“Fish jumping
Church bells chiming
Birds chirping
Splush another fish
Motor whirl
Splish another fish
Humming truck
Leaves rustling
Soft whisper of the grass
Fish fish fish
Water slur
Big breath of peace
Holy jumping fish in jubilation
Wishing safe journeys
Returning again and again
To the calm abiding of the island”

Stephanie Culen . 9/27/14

Magical Presence

Everyday magic on the Island starts with Sunshine and yoga with Cindy. Opening to the mystery of island living, I always wonder what the day will bring. From hanging on the porch at Beach Bums chilling with the dogs and dudes, to riding the bike with Bianca in the basket breathing in the salt air of the Gulf, to meeting ladies on a beach walk collecting seashells who have a place for us to stay, to conversations with friends who now live in the area, to swimming in the kidney shaped pool under the palm trees at the garden motel next door, to the newlywed couple who adore Bianca, to impromptu afternoon beers and BBQ on the tip of the island watching the sunset with new friends, to sharing stories of love and dreams inspiring over cocktails and mussels at the waterfront, life unfolds naturally and organically and authentically. Breathing in gratitude gratitude gratitude. I will be back in NYC soon.Seaoat Sunrise AMIFor now, it’s another day in the life of a mermaid and I am biking my way to yoga on the beach with a friend from NYC who is here for the weekend. Bliss bliss bliss.

Become Your Dream

Become Your Dream

Last year, I developed a 40 day transformational e-course called The Shizzle and Shine Method. (www.shizzleandshine.com) An email comes to the participant each day with 3 “gems” in their “jewel box” for contemplation and action and there is a private Facebook group for sharing revelations and dreams and inspirations. Many people have enjoyed the process. We’ve gone through a couple of rounds over the last year. We will start another Shizzle and Shine group on September 15th, but you can start ANYTIME.

As some of you are following this blog, I’m in the process of following my future Self’s calling to be of service in a smaller community in a seaside beach town called Anna Maria in Florida. The personal process that I am in right now is an actual process of manifesting a dream into a reality using the tools, steps and awarenesses that I share in the Shizzle and Shine Method. I’m walking the walk and talking the talk. It’s a true tale with tools that bring results.

The more Shizzlers in the group, the more opportunity we have to experience many different paradigms and perspectives together. It’s incredibly rewarding and inspirational to have a virtual dream team for 40 days! You’ll see when you join the journey!!! It’s incredible!

The message is clear : My journey is everybody’s journey. If you have a heart calling, follow it and listen, watch and wait for the signs and signals to guide you from a true heart space that is filled with clear intention. You feel the way to go along the path with every bone and breath in your body. Trust yourself and trust the Path. It is your journey. Everyone will have their perspective and perception of YOUR journey and give you all kinds of counsel and wisdom. Listen and then LISTEN to what YOUR guides are telling you. It is important to respect the counsel of others especially those that have more skills and understanding in things that you may be seeking, but also trust your own process and be patient and loving and kind to yourself and everyone along the way. It is an ultimate message of Self Love and self awareness and trusting in a much bigger Universal wisdom that guides you. And then we open to a bigger possibility that may be awaiting for us.

To join the Shizzle and Shine Method, it’s really simple. Just go to www.shizzleandshine.com and hit the Buy Now button. It will take you where you want to go! Some people have already joined and are already rolling along their days.  It’s an ongoing process.  And some people do it many times over and get something new each time.  We are always growing.

Until next time….xoxoxo

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In Search of a Mermaid Calling

Whoaaaa…….It’s Labor Day. I arrived home today from a weekend vision quest to Florida and sat and cried in my EV apartment. Will this dream ever come true, I wondered. I texted my friend in hopelessness seeking some sort of consolation and he said, “Don’t breakdown. Use the energy to create.” Yes. Create. Breathe.

I’ve been remiss in communicating because I’ve been so enthralled in my own dream weaving over the last couple of months. Selfish of me, I know! But there are times when dream weaving and vision questing require quiet time to listen and reflect and get clear. ‘Tis what I’ve been doing. And, in doing so, everything so far with this vision quest has been miraculous and magical. Truly. Do you wanna hear my story?

Sooooo….it’s kind of long…..and I do hope in reading this story that it will inspire you, too, in whatever way that serves you. I believe in magic and I believe in miracles and big breath of gratitude, I’m sharing with you from a very vulnerable heart space. Continue Reading

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I was Howard Stern’s Personal Shopper!

It’s true. While I was in grad school studying for my masters in education at Sarah Lawrence I was a professional organizer and personal shopper to the NYC elite rich and famous. I payed bills, cleaned out closets, organized libraries and children’s rooms. I planned parties and events and was a personal stylist, too. You name it, I did it under the umbrella of a professional organizer.

One of my favorite jobs was shopping for Howard Stern as a personal stylist for all the people on his Christmas list. And what a list it was! I shopped for jewelry, art, electronics, clothes, designer pens, accessories and all sorts of specialty one-of-a-kind items. It was a blast. I matched up personalities with a vision of what they may enjoy and everyone was incredibly pleased and surprised with his thoughtfulness and great taste! Amazing grace!

I can do the same for you!   Continue Reading

Poetry & Words sun-gazing


Breathing in the prayer of gratitude.
Every breath like drops of water on a dry leaf nourishing and cleansing,
supporting and purifying,
satisfying and gratifying.
Breathing in the prayer of gratitude.
Essential heart evolution of humility and grace.
Beyond measure. Boundless. Endless. Timeless.
Thank you.