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In Search of a Mermaid Calling

Whoaaaa…….It’s Labor Day. I arrived home today from a weekend vision quest to Florida and sat and cried in my EV apartment. Will this dream ever come true, I wondered. I texted my friend in hopelessness seeking some sort of consolation and he said, “Don’t breakdown. Use the energy to create.” Yes. Create. Breathe.

I’ve been remiss in communicating because I’ve been so enthralled in my own dream weaving over the last couple of months. Selfish of me, I know! But there are times when dream weaving and vision questing require quiet time to listen and reflect and get clear. ‘Tis what I’ve been doing. And, in doing so, everything so far with this vision quest has been miraculous and magical. Truly. Do you wanna hear my story?

Sooooo….it’s kind of long…..and I do hope in reading this story that it will inspire you, too, in whatever way that serves you. I believe in magic and I believe in miracles and big breath of gratitude, I’m sharing with you from a very vulnerable heart space. Continue Reading

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I was Howard Stern’s Personal Shopper!

It’s true. While I was in grad school studying for my masters in education at Sarah Lawrence I was a professional organizer and personal shopper to the NYC elite rich and famous. I payed bills, cleaned out closets, organized libraries and children’s rooms. I planned parties and events and was a personal stylist, too. You name it, I did it under the umbrella of a professional organizer.

One of my favorite jobs was shopping for Howard Stern as a personal stylist for all the people on his Christmas list. And what a list it was! I shopped for jewelry, art, electronics, clothes, designer pens, accessories and all sorts of specialty one-of-a-kind items. It was a blast. I matched up personalities with a vision of what they may enjoy and everyone was incredibly pleased and surprised with his thoughtfulness and great taste! Amazing grace!

I can do the same for you!   Continue Reading

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Breathing in the prayer of gratitude.
Every breath like drops of water on a dry leaf nourishing and cleansing,
supporting and purifying,
satisfying and gratifying.
Breathing in the prayer of gratitude.
Essential heart evolution of humility and grace.
Beyond measure. Boundless. Endless. Timeless.
Thank you.


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Passion for Fashion

Twenty years ago, I had a dream…..
I had a big dream. I wanted to turn 25 years old in New York City and work in the fashion industry. Yup. It’s true! Fashion was my passion! And I was an aspirational young lady. I knew what I wanted and I was ready to go for it!

When I was 24 years old, I lived in Washington D.C. and was working in Public Relations for Neiman Marcus. I loved my position and had climbed the corporate ladder from temporary Christmas salesperson to top salesperson in the Dress Department to Public Relations Assistant ~ all in 6 months! Neiman’s was grooming me for BIG things and all things fashion, but I had a different vision for myself. In college, after having studied in Oxford, England and traveled a bit of Europe, I had already set my future plan to live in New York City, I just didn’t know when then was going to happen. And, then one day an opportunity presented itself. I was invited by my then boyfriend to move to New York. His mother was moving back to D.C. and she offered us her apartment in the now coveted Nolita on Lafayette and Prince Street.

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What is Transformation?

Transformation is a process of change.  It is an evolution from one state of being to another state of being.  Any kind of change is challenging, whether we wish for it and desire for something new and inspiring, or it comes upon us in a surprising and unexpected way.

With playfulness, elegance and grace, Stephanie helps spiritual seekers and heart-centered souls transform their lives from the inside out with creative mind, body and heart practices.  These tools for transformation take the shape of a yoga class, a healing Reiki session, coaching or beautiful jeweled adornments by Chloe + Isabel.


What if I told you there was a secret key …

What would you want this key to open for you in your livelihood and lifestyle? in your body and wellness? in your creativity and learning? in your relationships? in your essence? in your spiritual life? in your physical life? in your financial life? in your romantic life?

Stephanie is a catalyst for transformation with a subtle touch and blend of mystique and passion and trust which translates into discerning out-of-the-box thinking for the sassy in You, coupled with emotional connection for the sexy in You, and a sense of consistency and familiarity for the smart in You.

How does this feel for you? Do you believe in magic? Do you wish for transformation?  Sign up for the Shizzle and Shine Method, a 40 Day e-course full of more tools for transformation delivered to your email each day for 40 days.

Poetry & Words Photo by Stephanie Culen - Love Poem

Love Poem

magical connection
I always feel love
when I feel you
heart inhales and exhales
with pure expansion
and she sings
when she hears your call
mermaid to unicorn
the vibrations of love


Poetry & Words Stephanie Culen Java Om Blog - Jewel Box

Jewel Box

shattered heart
into a hundred thousand pieces
like broken glass
fragile and clear
instead of one diamond
there are many now
sparkling jewels
in the treasure chest
of my soul


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Self Love and Radical Self Acceptance

In my years of teaching yoga, I’ve found Self Love to be an essential element of one’s evolution and enlightenment. The foundation of Self love is radical self acceptance. Self love is embodied and expressed in the delight to serve others. When we love ourselves completely and unconditionally, love infinitely pours into every cell of our body. Love is never finished, it is always in flow. So once you are being filled with the flow of self love, it begins to overflow and takes the form of loving kindness, compassion, playfulness, respect and nonjudgmental expressions of service.

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